DIY Self-Coaching Program for Victims and Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships

Hi there! I’m Angie Atkinson, a certified life coach who specializes in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. You may know me from my recovery site,, or maybe from my QueenBeeing YouTube channel.

I’ve got a few questions for you.

Are you feeling desperate and alone, and you don’t know where to turn? Are you at the end of your rope?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, the DIY Self-Coaching Program was made for you.

Do you ask yourself why this is happening in your life?

Are you having any sort of emotionally distressing flashbacks?

Have you found yourself feeling like you’re “not really here” or “not a real person” lately?

Do you deal with a lot of anxiety?

Do you struggle to keep your moods steady? Do you feel like you have mood swings?

Have you lost the ability to draw boundaries with one or more people in your life?

Do you question your own emotions, and/or struggle to process them?

The QueenBeeing Universibee Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program Can Help With:

  • Overcoming Your Anxiety
  • Finding Hope and Ending Your Emotional Paralysis
  • Learning to Balance Your Emotions
  • Going No Contact (When Possible)
  • Dealing With the Effects of CPTSD
  • Overcoming Disassociation
  • Understanding the Reality of a Narcissist
  • Handling Your Emotions
  • Learning to Develop Personal Boundaries That Work for You
  • Discovering Passion and Excitement Again: Learning to Live
  • Redefining Trust and Moving Forward

Now that you’ve recognized that your relationship is toxic, you’re ready to take some action, but you’re trying to figure out where to start. The Save Yourself Emergency Self-Care Kit offers you instant relief from the emotional pain you’re struggling with, and you can consume the information as quickly or slowly as you like – this is a self-paced, DIY Self-Coaching Program.

This program is specifically designed for the victims of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships, and it specifically focuses on surviving and thriving during and after the relationship.

Why This Program is So Specifically Focused

If you’re in a relationship with a toxic narcissist, you already know that your time is likely limited, due to the narcissist’s demands, and your energy is quickly depleted – for the same reason. That’s why this program offers not only the very specific information you need when you’re at a low point and you need to get yourself back on track, but also what you’ll need to take your life to the next level.

There are several parts of the program:

  • Help with Understanding Toxic Relationships and Co-Dependency (The Logic and Facts)
  • Emergency Self-Care Tools – Real-life examples and techniques to help you learn to deal first with the symptoms of narcissistic abuse on your end. Generally, we have found that dealing with the symptoms leads to discovery and resolution.
  • A Self-Help Recovery Library, packed with tools, tips and guides to help you along the way. This library is regularly updated with new information, affirmations, ebooks, workbooks and more.
  • On-site courses designed to help you take back your life and redefine it.
  • A community of survivors, just like you, who have been where you are now, and who want to help you get to the next level.
  • Regularly scheduled small group coaching sessions with certified life coach Angie Atkinson, who specializes in narcissistic abuse recovery.
  • First look access and free PDF copies of Angie’s new books.
  • A direct connection to Angie through the Ask Angie Anything section of the site – you submit a question and Angie answers you within one business day (usually within a couple of hours).
  • Ever-evolving material and regularly updated libraries.
  • Much, much more to come!


  • Weekly Reminders
  • Checklists
  • Action Guides
  • Related Course Materials
  • Access to my private support group on Facebook
  • Access to secret groups via Universibee

Want in? Learn more and sign up, right here.