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Are you a creative, sensitive person who has survived narcissistic abuse? Are you ready to take back your life – and to take it to the next level? Would you like to become the best possible version of yourself? How would you like to earn your own money and create your own freedom?

Whether you’re looking for help with recovery from a toxic relationship, or you’re hoping to take your life to the next level by starting your own business and earning your own freedom, this is the place for you.

Even better? You can do both at a reduced cost, and the entire program has been created especially for you by certified life coach and author Angie Atkinson.


Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Take Back Your Life!
  • Go and stay no contact
  • Recover from narcissistic abuse
  • Take back your life
  • Become the best possible version of yourself
Benefits & More

Self-Employment Escape

Start & Manage a Successful WAH Business!
  • Start, run and grow your own work-at-home business.
  • Become independent.
  • Create personal and financial freedom for yourself!
Benefits & More

Created by certified life coach Angie Atkinson, this online learning and revolutionary evolution center is focused on helping you to get where you want to go in as little time as possible – you can start with our personal development courses, or maybe you’d prefer to begin with your professional development instead. Either way, we’ve got you covered.