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Membership title: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Membership details:

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery: Basic membership offers you a variety of premium services, including the following:

*Priority Access to Angie through our Advice System - you send an email with your problem, concern or issue, and Angie will personally answer you directly within 24 hours.


Access to our premium recovery library ( updated with brand new content every 30 days) and free ebooks from our bookstore each month
Access to a secret, limited-membership support group on Facebook (offering more personal attention)
Private weekly Q&A sessions where you can interact with certified life coach Angie Atkinson - limited to your small coaching group.
Quarterly bootcamps and at-home soul retreats to help you take back your life during and after narcissistic abuse

First-look access and free copies of Angie's premium reports


*****25 percent off all regularly-priced one-on-one coaching sessions*****
Please note: discounts do not apply to previously grandfathered prices.

Membership price: USD 39.99